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Municipal Leaders from Across the State Endorse Michelle Wu’s 2021 Boston Mayoral Bid

Released: December 10, 2020

Elected officials representing a new generation of leadership will join Wu for an event highlighting the power of local government next week.

Boston, MA - Today, a dozen municipal leaders from across Greater Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced their support for Boston City Councilor At-Large Michelle Wu’s mayoral campaign for bold, urgent leadership.

The leaders listed below have endorsed Michelle Wu’s mayoral bid in support of Boston’s potential to be a catalyst for systemic change across the state and the country.

  • Watertown Town Councilor Caroline Bays

  • Quincy City Councilor Ian Cain

  • Somerville City Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen

  • Chelsea City Councilor Judith Garcia

  • Brookline Select Board Member Raul Fernandez

  • Everett City Councilor Stephanie Martins

  • Pittsfield City Councilor Helen Moon

  • Lowell City Councilor Vesna Nuon

  • Malden City Councilor Ryan O’Malley

  • Newton City Councilor Holly Ryan

  • Cambridge City Councilor Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler

  • Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan

On Tuesday, December 15th, these elected officials will join Wu for a virtual event to discuss the power of local government and the need for a regional vision and partnership to solve our deepest challenges, such as housing, transportation, climate, and closing the racial wealth gap.

“I’m grateful and proud to stand with these friends and trailblazers who share a fierce belief in the power of cities to lead,” said Michelle Wu. “From housing, to transportation, climate change, and closing the racial wealth gap—we need regional vision and partnership to solve the inequities our communities are facing.”

“We need a progressive mayor of Boston to push our shared agenda forward and partner in leading the way for change in all our municipalities,” said City Councilor Caroline Bays.

"Over the last few years, Michelle and I have worked together on developing pathways for the next generation of political leadership in the Commonwealth,” City Councilor Ian Cain. “I'm now proud to support Michelle in her candidacy for Mayor of Boston. In a sea full of nonsense and political pandering, look no further for a person with a rare blend of intellect, empathy, authenticity, and, most importantly, integrity. While I live on the opposite side of the banks of the Neponset River in Quincy, as a good neighbor in Boston, Michelle has been and will continue to be an ally to our city. I look forward to continuing our work together and to seeing a leader of my generation, who holds a bold vision, take the reins and carry our capital city into the future."

"Michelle Wu makes me excited about the future,” City Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen. “The challenges facing our cities are profound, and if we want to make real progress we need leaders willing to fight for affordable housing, public transportation, racial justice, climate justice, and so much more - that's why I'm proud to support Michelle Wu."

"Michelle Wu is a phenomenal leader who brings diverse voices into the conversation,” said Select Board Member Raul Fernandez. “Whether it’s on transportation, housing affordability, racial justice, or tackling the climate crisis, she brings the kind of smart, urgent, and community-engaged leadership our region needs. I'm excited to support her for Mayor of Boston, and invite you to join me!"

"I am thrilled to endorse Michelle Wu for Mayor of Boston,” said City Councilor Judith Garcia. “Michelle has proven to be a relentless advocate for those who have been unseen and unheard for too long. She understands the urgency of this time and I cannot think of a better person to lead Boston forward."

“I am proud to support a sister in service with a proven record of fighting for education, climate, and closing the deep racial wealth gap in Boston,” said City Councilor Stephanie Martins. “Michelle Wu has been and will be on the front lines fighting for a better Boston for everyone.”

“I am honored to endorse Michelle Wu for Mayor of Boston! I've been following Councilor Wu's career ever since she helped make Boston a national leader on paid parental leave policies,” said City Councilor Helen Moon. “Over the years, I have continued to be impressed by her thoughtful, inclusive and comprehensive leadership approach. I'm excited to continue to partner with her on our collective vision to elevate the ideas and activism of our communities for a new generation of leadership from Boston to Pittsfield and beyond.”

“Michelle and I share a deep commitment to inclusion, diversity, and representation in government,” said City Councilor Vesna Nuon. “Michelle brings a lens of equity to every issue she tackles and a determination to ensure that all voices are at the table. At a time when so many people feel cut off from their elected officials and cut out from the democratic process, Michelle’s is a needed voice to lead the City of Boston as Mayor. I’m honored to stand with her in this campaign.”

“Whether it be housing insecurity, the future of transportation, public health, or climate justice, it is clear now more than ever that the challenges we face require bold leadership and regional collaboration to solve,” City Councilor Ryan O’Malley. “Michelle has proven that she is willing and able to take the bold action needed to ensure that Boston becomes more resilient, healthy, and fair. I proudly endorse Michelle Wu for Mayor of Boston.”

“Michelle Wu has been a leader for Transgender rights on the Boston City Council and I'm proud to partner with her to make affordable housing and great public transportation accessible to all,” said City Councilor Holly Ryan.

“I’m excited to endorse Michelle Wu because she’s been a leader on housing and economic justice, transit equity, and climate resiliency,” said City Councilor Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler. “And just as importantly, she understands these are interconnected and have to be addressed together to create a city that works for all its residents.”

“I’m so excited to support Councilor Wu for Mayor of Boston,” City Councilor Quinton Zondervan. “Her impressive plan for a Boston Green New Deal would address the climate crisis with equity and environmental justice at the center, which is exactly the kind of commitment and leadership we need as we make our just transition away from fossil fuels.”

In September, Michelle Wu launched her mayoral campaign for bold, urgent leadership to build a Boston for everyone. Michelle is a mom of two young kids, a daughter of immigrants, and a fierce believer that we can solve our deepest challenges through building community. As a Boston City Councilor, Michelle has worked in coalition to deliver bold, systemic change and redefine what is possible through activist city leadership.