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Environmental Justice and Climate Advocates Rally Behind Michelle Wu for Mayor as she Receives the Endorsement of the Environmental League of Massachusetts

Released on: July 07, 2021

Boston, MA —  Today, Michelle Wu rallied with environment justice and climate advocates and announced the endorsement of the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM), consolidating the support of leading environmental and climate groups, which have coalesced around her candidacy.

The event featured strong statements of support from Sunrise Boston, Sierra Club, 350 Mass Action and Environmental League of Massachusetts, who highlighted Michelle Wu’s unparalleled track record of delivering results and detailed vision for Boston’s future, including a City-level Green New Deal and making Boston a leader in climate and environmental justice across the nation.

This environmental endorsement and rally comes just after Boston experienced a massive heat wave that set the average temperature in June to 74.4 degrees, 6 degrees higher than the historical average. An increased occurrence of these unpredictable weather patterns have only demonstrated the urgency of cities acting on climate. 

“Michelle Wu tackles the climate crisis not as a standalone issue, but at its intersection with the economy, public health, justice, transportation, and more,” said ELM Action Fund Executive Director Clare Kelly. “She is the climate champion our city needs to meet this crucial moment for climate action.”

“Michelle Wu stands out as the best candidate for two reasons: her plan to confront the climate crisis is expansive, intersectional, and farsighted, and her deep experience with city government means she knows where all the levers are.  This is the kind of leadership Boston needs to confront the climate crisis and create communities where all can thrive,” said Justin Brown, Boston 350 MA Chapter and Brighton resident.

“After Boston just experienced its warmest June on record,  it’s never been more clear that immediate and far-reaching climate action is paramount. Councilor Wu’s municipal Green New Deal for Boston is not only the first of its kind, but also connects the systemic overhaul required to combat the climate crisis with the urgent change necessary to ensure a just recovery from the pandemic. Councilor Wu’s commitment to creating a just and equitable Boston proves that she is the climate mayor to meet the moment,” said Micheal Huguet, Sunrise Boston

“The Massachusetts Sierra Club (MASC) is excited to be among a strong group of key statewide environment leaders supporting Councilor Michelle Wu's candidacy for Mayor of Boston," said Rev. Vernon K. Walker, the chairperson of the MASC Political Committee.  "Her city-focused Green New Deal is bold and comprehensive and provides a strategy that addresses the climate solutions needed to protect and build our infrastructure, and find solutions for problems that face the diverse neighborhoods and vulnerable communities in the city. Councilor Wu is clearly the woman to lead us in the efforts needed to confront the challenges of the climate crisis, racial injustice, and economic inequality head on.”

"This is the decade of the Green New Deal. It’s not just something we need – it’s something that downright inspires people. It gives us hope for the future because we can see ourselves in that future, it’s personal. We cannot lead by fear, but we can lead by example. Michelle Wu is the committed, driven, enthusiastic and open leader who will make the GND for Boston a reality," said Nina Schlegel, Boston resident, climate justice advocate, lead author of the city-level Green New Deal.

“Business as usual is not an option. Michelle Wu’s visionary city-level Green New Deal centers climate justice as the engine for a just and sustainable recovery in Boston. From decarbonization to decommodifying housing, from tree canopy expansion to transportation justice, this plan is both comprehensive and achievable," said Professor Julian Agyeman, Tufts University.

“Environmental justice is economic justice and racial justice. In this window of urgency to take action for our future, Boston should lead the way in fighting for the just, sustainable future that our kids deserve. Today I am honored to gather with leaders and activists in the environmental justice movement as we organize for the brightest future for our communities,” said Michelle Wu.

ELM has worked over 100 years to advance responsible environmental policy in Massachusetts. Their current policy priorities involve offshore wind, electric vehicles, decarbonizing buildings, reducing waste, and more. In the upcoming legislative session, environmental advocates from ELM will be working hard to achieve a cleaner and green economy for Massachuseets and to empower underserved communities in and around Boston. For more information on their work, go to

The Environmental League of Massachusetts’ endorsement adds to the Michelle for Mayor campaign’s many key environmental justice and climate endorsements, including Sunrise Boston, Sierra Club and 350 Mass Action. It also adds to an enthusiastic coalition of multigenerational, multicultural grassroots supporters including community activists and leaders such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senate Assistant Majority Leader Sal DiDomenico, former State Representative and Assistant Majority Leader Byron Rushing and fellow municipal elected officials from across Greater Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For all of Michelle for Boston’s endorsements, visit