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Michelle Wu Announces Strong Fundraising Month Fueled by 1,459 Individual Donors Across our City, State and Country

Released on: April 02, 2021

Boston, MA - City Councilor and Mayoral Candidate Michelle Wu announced yet another strong month of fundraising and organizing in which she received 1,459 individual donations and held 38 organizing events to connect with communities across Boston. This month, Wu raised $181,000 with an average donation of $106 - the lowest average donation of any candidate who has filed so far, reflecting strong grassroots support.  Since launch, Wu has received donations from 5,657 people, more than double the number of individual donors than any other candidate. She has also received thousands of donors in Boston, more than double the amount of in-Boston donors than any other candidate in the race. 

Throughout the campaign Wu has been consistently ahead - by far - on the metric of number of individuals who have contributed as well as number of Bostonians who have contributed, showing the strength and breadth of her support among Boston voters. She has also consistently received the lowest average contribution of any candidate in the race, showing the strength of grassroots support from people who believe in the Wu campaign’s movement.

Wu has raised $944,000 since her launch, the most of any candidate in the race, fueled in large part through grassroots donors from every neighborhood in Boston. The Wu campaign has 458 monthly recurring contributors, which continues to provide the resources for an  in-depth organizing program.  

“I’m so grateful to every single person who has supported our campaign by making phone calls, chipping in a dollar, and sharing their vision. We’re building community across every neighborhood fueled by an outpouring of grassroots support and energy. To meet this moment, we need bold, urgent leadership to build a city for everyone and tackle our longstanding challenges head-on,” said Michelle Wu.